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The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Kingdom Misophonia, A Princess Hates Noise, a fairy tale influenced by my life-long battle with Misophonia


Misophonia is the inability to listen to some sounds without having a fight or flight reaction. For example, people with Misophonia can't tolerate someone chewing and must leave the room or suffer the bee sting-like feelings the sounds create. In most cases they can't eat with the family any more. Most doctors have never heard of Misophonia, let alone how to treat it. Fortunately, more people in the medical fields are starting to learn about misophonia and current research indicates it’s a neurological disorder.  

This weekend, at the 7th Annual Misophonia Convention I will be on a panel on coping with misophonia through creative writing. They say write what you know, hence I’ve written a fairy tale based on a heroine who has misophonia.


Beautiful and talented Princess Amanda, the next queen of Milathonia, has it all. Yet, she, along with her father and brother, are cursed with misophonia, the hatred of certain sounds. Isolated from other kingdoms, Amanda has lived a sheltered life. As a gifted artist, Amanda begs her father to let her attend the art academy in Zolonia. The king agrees, but only if she uses a fake identity and finds the proper suitor.

Captain Dash Lysander, a returning war hero, takes a well-paying job as a bodyguard to an academy student. Traumatized by war, which included battling man-eating fleshers, Dash hopes he can do his duty without suffering from day tremors. Upon meeting his charge Dash is immediately smitten. However, his duty is to protect her, not court her.

Princess Amanda and Dash are drawn to one another. They do their best to stave their hidden passion despite the looming danger of fleshers and secrets that could ruin everything.

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